Video Content Production – Filip Kozusznik
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K.I.D.S. Foundation Manifesto

Scope of the project

Creative producer

DOP: Łukasz Skotnicki
Copy: Marta Więckowska
Scenario: Zuza Miksiewicz


K.I.D.S. Foundation - Pro Bono Project

About This Project

When they tell you that you have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to film an open-heart surgery, you don’t think it over. You just put on a med­ical apron, a pro­tec­tive mask and assist 4 best sur­geons in Poland while they res­cue 7 yr old boy’s life.


These , togeth­er with the dron footage, and a bunch of oth­ers motion pic­tures, tell a sto­ry of a foun­da­tion that aims to change chil­dren hos­pi­tals for good.
The mis­sion is to join forces to cre­ate hos­pi­tals of the future. For chil­dren and those who are fight­ing for their health.


The video is a man­i­festo of K.I.D.S. Foun­da­tion.


Agency: Pub­li­cis & The Heart