Video Content Production – Filip Kozusznik
Creative Director, advertising, reklama, social media, video, podcast, podcasty, digital, film, production, produkcja, portfolio, cv, grafik, animator, montażysta
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Video Content Production

Visa’s Innovation Incubator
Scope of the project

Video communication strategy
Production coordination
Motion design


VISA & Innovatika

About This Project

Fin­tech. Star­tups. Uni­corns. Every­one is talk­ing about these stuff. But just a few are brave enough to tack­le the unknown.


Since 2017 the Visa’s Inno­va­tion Incu­ba­tor has been work­ing on imple­ment­ing cash­less tech­nolo­gies all around Poland. As a main com­mu­ni­ca­tion chan­nel and engage­ment medi­um they’ve cho­sen video vlogs and video case sto­ries.