Video Content Production – Filip Kozusznik
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Content Production

Andrzej Bargiel & Bank Pekao S.A.
Scope of the project

Creative ideas
Video communication strategy
Team & project management
Motion design


Bank Pekao S.A.

About This Project

Andrzej Bargiel — the first man on the Earth to ski from K2.


The Bank Pekao sup­port­ed and spon­sored Bargiel in his trip to K2. When he accom­plished the impos­si­ble, and became the first and so far the only human to ski from the most dan­ger­ous and the sec­ond high­est moun­tain in the world, it was the time to let the world know about that.


My video crew was the first to wel­come Andrzej and his team at The Chopin War­saw’s air­port. We were also first ones to inter­view the whole #K2SkiChallenge team. When emo­tions sub­sided we asked Andrzej Bargiel about his core val­ues that had helped him dur­ing the expe­di­tion. As a result, 6 films were cre­at­ed, show­ing that Bank Pekao S.A. is the sup­port­er of top Pol­ish achiev­ers.


Agency: Ave­new Media