11 Award-winning Case Studies"/>
Video Content Production – Filip Kozusznik
Creative Director, advertising, reklama, social media, video, podcast, podcasty, digital, film, production, produkcja, portfolio, cv, grafik, animator, montażysta
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11 Award-winning Case Studies

for Effie Awards & Mixx Awards (2011-2016)
Scope of the project

Motion graphics & animation
Visual story

About This Project

And the Oscar goes tooooooo.….


Well, they’re not Oscars, but a lot like them in an adver­tis­ing world. Effie Awards, Mixx Awards  & Inno­va­tion Awards are three of the most hon­or­able awards the brand can win in an advert’s indus­try.


For 5 years I’ve helped MEC Glob­al / Wave­mak­er to tell their clien­t’s sto­ry and win 11 awards for their cam­paigns. From the Best Media Idea’ or Smart Bud­get Cam­paign’ to Best Social Media’ and Best Dig­i­tal Pres­ence of the Year’.


They deserved the sin­gle one, and my 3060sec ani­ma­tions were there to show the chal­lenge, cre­ative idea and an amaz­ing results.


Con­grat­u­la­tions MEC / Wave­mak­er and good luck next year!




List of Awards:



  • NIVEA100 Placów Zabaw na 100 lat NIVEA
    Sil­ver Effie Award for Social Cam­paign
  • NESTLÉ — Le Bobo, kot fotograf, kot jako medi­um!
    Brown Effie Award for Media Idea



  • NESTLÉ — Repub­li­ka kak­tusa
    Mixx Awards for Social Media Mar­ket­ing
  • NIVEA Baby — Auto­ry­tet troskli­wego rodz­i­ca
    Sil­ver Effie for Dig­i­tal Cam­paign



  • NESTLÉ — Z czego kak­tus ma polewkę
    Sil­ver Effie for Food Cam­paign



  • NESTLÉ — Kak­tus Minecraft
    Mixx Awards for Tools&Tatctics
  • NIVEA — Pod­wórko NIVEA
    Mixx Awards for Social Cam­paign & Non-Prof­it



  • o.b. — Yes!em kobi­etą — Tam­pony o.b.
    Gold Effie Award for Non Food Cam­paign
    Sil­ver Effie Award for Brand­ed Con­tent



  • Wave­mak­er — Pre­cious
    INNOVATION Award for opti­miza­tion of TV cam­paign reach due to shop­ping behav­ior