Digital Content Producer – Filip Kozusznik
Creative Director, advertising, reklama, social media, video, podcast, podcasty, digital, film, production, produkcja, portfolio, cv, grafik, animator, montażysta
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Hi, I’m Filip, creative head & digital content producer

I help brands resonate with their communities and evolve in the marketplace through diverse digital experience

I don’t like to call myself an artist, but I love doing art. I don’t like to call myself a designer, but I love designing WOW experiences. Don’t like to call myself a manager, but I love working alongside teams that value human centered approach. And yes — I do love to call myself a runner, a happy husband & a father of two.

Creative ideation0%
Project management0%
Team leading0%
Digital content creation0%
Motion design0%
Podcast Production0%

For over 10 years I’ve bridged inter­ac­tion, video & tech to deliv­er the over­all visu­al design of diverse dig­i­tal expe­ri­ence.

As a cre­ative direc­tor, and a motion & CX design­er, I have helped a range of brands to cre­ate excit­ing visu­al expe­ri­ence, to enhance live action, and cre­ate pure­ly dig­i­tal con­tent from scratch.

I’ve led my teams to deliv­er dig­i­tal com­mu­ni­ca­tion projects for some of the biggest com­pa­nies in Poland and inter­na­tion­al cor­po­ra­tions, small, local start ups and any­thing in between.

I do believe that a good cof­fee is a human right. I’d love to hear about your project over a cup of cof­fee. And just to make it clear — a black one.


Some brands I’ve had pleasure to work with

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Whether you want to start a project or talk about your business challenges, I’m ready to help.